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About Project

Welcome to Tech Home Villas in Beeramguda This Villas are designed just for you, offering a comfortable and modern living space. With convenient amenities and a welcoming community, these apartments create a pleasant home environment. Enjoy simplicity and ease in your daily life within the vibrant setting of Tech Tower.

The Language of Luxury Tech Home Villas in Beeramguda is a fantastic new living space. Imagine comfy villas with great rooms designed just for you. These homes are more than places to stay they're your personal haven, offering cozy spaces for you and your family.
Think of a community with awesome extras like green areas for relaxing and communal spots for socializing. Living in Tech Home Villas means having private, comfortable rooms and shared spaces that make life even better. With modern comforts and smart design, Tech Home Villas is not just a home it's a lifestyle upgrade in Beeramguda.
Enjoy the ease of living surrounded by nature and modern conveniences. Tech Home Villas is more than a place it's your retreat where good rooms, great amenities, and a lively atmosphere come together perfectly. Welcome to Tech Home Villas where your new chapter of comfortable living begins

Inside Rooms


Club House

Create a community hub in their clubhouse, encouraging residents to connect and enjoy shared experiences in a friendly setting.

Uppal Stadium Metro/Uppal Metro

Hospital /Malls/Multiplexes

Educational Institutions

Parks & International Cricket Stadium


Tech Homes, set in a practical location, offers the best of both worlds – the tranquility of villas and easy access to highways, shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities. Living here means enjoying the comfort of a villa while staying connected to urban essentials

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