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About us
Mr.Neeli Srinivasu Babu

Managing Director

Mr. Neeli Sreenivasa Babu Ethically and Commercially focused, highly driven Managing Director with over 17 years’ experience in a wide range of organizations and departments including Software, Construction, Legal, Lisening, Designing and Promotions . Energetic and knowledgeable  leader, engaging communicator, trusted partner  with an eye for detail and the ability to influence business critical decisions. Experienced executive,  with a track record of motivating and guiding diverse teams, Customers and Clients to achieve outstanding results. 

He commenced his career as a Software Employee. He has done multiple collaborated projects with other firms. Later Established this firm as Sri Adithya Varshini Estates (SAVE). Today, As the Managing Director of the SAVE Group, Sreenivasa Babu has been Instrumental in the spectacular, yet controlled, growth of the SAVE Group and has grown to be one of the most recognized names and faces in the industry.

Mrs.Neeli Lavanya

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Mrs.Lavanya Neeli has led our organization to new levels of success. Her leadership style combines innovation with practicality, allowing our team to adapt to changing business landscapes confidently.

our Managing Partner, is a respected leader known for her strategic thinking and dedication to excellence. With decades of experience, she has earned a reputation for being a visionary in her field, overcoming challenges with determination and intelligence.

Her ability to inspire and empower others sets her apart. She fosters an inclusive environment where everyone's ideas are valued, fostering teamwork and a shared sense of purpose.

Under Her guidance, Sri aditya Varshini Estate organization has achieved significant milestones and earned recognition for its excellence and integrity. Her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the workplace.

Since its inception in 2000, SAVE has earned its reputation as a leading Real Estate Developer in and around AP and Telangana states in India. We pride ourselves on developing smart, high-tech buildings, always with a sustainable footprint. Working with a strong team of industry professionals, we have a proven track record in unlocking value in sites and translating client visions into reality.

We are SAVE (Sri Aditya Varshini Estates)

Having an own home in the best gated community in Hyderabad is everyone’s dream. In a business where many Companies have a tendency to put "the deal" or their recognition first. Customers have to be careful about who they choose to represent them. Choosing the right company and the right project which will be delivered on time with utmost quality and with promised standards with cleared legality plays a vital role to fulfil their dream.  Since Day 1, we have made the conscious decision to put our customers' priorities first.

We enjoy the challenge of adapting to every customer's needs and leaving them feeling empowered about their future

Because THIS is a big decision

Business Consultation

We want to create new ideas and change how people see living at home. We work hard to make sure every project is done perfectly and finished on time. Making things look nice and well-made is really important to us. We always try our best to do even better than expected and make a good impression on everyone we help. Our goal is to make homes that are even better than what people want, setting a new standard for how great homes can be.



We aim to create high-quality homes for the modern generation in India, featuring clever designs, spacious outdoor areas, and contemporary living environments. Our goal is to offer luxurious living spaces that embrace innovation and convenience, tailored to the needs of today's lifestyle. We're committed to crafting homes that reflect the essence of modernity while prioritizing comfort and functionality. Through our dedication to excellence, we aspire to redefine the concept of luxury living in India, setting new benchmarks for residential standards

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