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SAVEst Tech Tower

               ......Simplifying Your Home Dreams


Tech Tower apartment represents an architectural marvel. These properties offer spacious rooms and exclusive features such as a lawn, deck area, amphitheater, kitchens, and stylish seating arrangements. Whether you prefer to enjoy nature or host a house party, SAVE Tech Tower makes it easy. Embrace the lifestyle you deserve with this exceptional apartment.

Project Status: HMDA Applied Project.

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SAVEst Tech Home

                        ......Creating Lovely Homes


Experience the elegance of SAVE Tech Home, luxurious villas in Patancheruvu. These residences are surrounded by beautiful gardens and winding pathways, creating a serene environment. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance and pictures views that SAVE Tech Home offers. Embrace a life of luxury and comfort in this exclusive community. Refined living at its finest with SAVE Tech Home.

Project Status: HMDA Applied Project.

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SVM Commercial

                        ......Find everything you need in one friendly place


Discover the latest place to shop, eat, and have fun. You'll find all sorts of stores, yummy restaurants, movies, and games to enjoy. Feel the excitement and energy at our lively location. Come and see for yourself the fun atmosphere we offer. Make memories with us at our awesome new spot.

Project Status: HMDA Applied Project.



SAVEst Ikon Tower

                       ......Inviting Retreat


The Ikon Tower  project is now completed, which is great news for customers like me. It means we'll have our new homes as promised. The Icon Stay& Restaurant is a fantastic location and have a modern look, which makes me excited about moving in. Knowing the project finished on time gives me confidence in the builders and assures me of having a great place to live.

Project Status: Completed Project.

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