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About Project

Introducing the DoubleTree Villas project a new real estate venture designed for ultimate comfort and luxury. Picture cozy villas surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Each villa comes with fantastic amenities, making it a perfect home for you. Inspired by the renowned DoubleTree experience, our project offers a blend of relaxation and modern living. Get ready to own a piece of tranquility and elegance at DoubleTree Villas

Double Tree DoubleTree project in Kardhanur, offers a delightful living experience. Imagine stepping into spacious and inviting villas, designed for ultimate comfort. Each villa is a haven, providing a perfect retreat with well appointed rooms for you and your loved ones.
Picture a community with fantastic amenities, from lush green spaces to communal areas perfect for relaxation. Living in DoubleTree Villas means enjoying both the privacy of your cozy rooms and the joy of shared spaces that enhance your lifestyle. With modern comforts and thoughtful design, DoubleTree Villas is more than just a residence; it's a retreat in the heart of Kardhanur.


Inside Rooms