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Space, Ownership, and WFH: Millennials to Play a Key Role In The Prospects of India’s Real Estate

Millennials are responsible for a significant part of India's growth in business. Considering they make up roughly fifty percent of the labour force and an incredible 70% of national family income, younger people have made a major effect on important sectors of the economy.

The millennial generation's building interests and preferences have left an impact on the Indian residential market, and those are currently experiencing improvement. For millennials now, owning a home provides an appealing deal that is characterised by stability, security, and financial growth. This pattern is shown by a significant rise in millennials' want for real estate in 2023 compared to the prior decade.

One of the main deciding factors for millennial home buyers is space. Since the start of WFH, the conventional line among work and home life has grown harder to define. As a result, millennial workers are driven to adapt their homes into practical work stations. As a result, there is a growing interest in properties with enough space for an independent home office. Millennial homebuyers' interest in the market is being reignited because of enhanced regulations, simple financing, and plenty of remedies.

More details on this is given in the Construction Week Online Magazine by our director, Mr. Neeli Srinivas Babu. To find out more about how homebuyer dynamics are changing.

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